Biochemical studies 

Biochemical study of serum or plasma hepcidin measurement by ELISA kit (Code 90010)

The measurement of the hormone hepcidin, a hormone that controls iron metabolism, is an important marker for aid in the diagnosis of diseases related to iron metabolism. This 25 amino acids peptide can be detected in serum, plasma and urine. Our company has developed this determination by ELISA. This measure is useful for the diagnosis and study of diseases of iron metabolism and inflammatory anemia also known as anemia of chronic disease.

To perform this study please send the «Study request for genetic or biochemical study» form with the option 90010 on page 2 marked.


Procedure for sending samples for biochemical studies measuring hepcidin

Please send by ordinary mail or together with the sample the following documents:

– Study request for measurement of hepcidin duly completed.

– Informed consent for biochemical diagnosis (compulsory) signed by the patient (or by a guardian / parent in case the patient is a minor).

– Informed consent for research (optional) signed by the patient (or by a guardian / parent in case the patient is a minor) in case the patient is interested in participating in a research project.


If any document is not correct, we will contact the requesting doctor by e-mail or telephone to obtain the necessary information. If documents are correct, the requested study quotation is sent to the doctor. This quotation must be sent back signed (by ordinary mail or E-mail) before the end of the study.


Please keep in mind the following procedure to send a sample:

  • Sample volume to send and shipping mode:

1 ml of PLASMA (heparin) or CENTRIFUGED SERUM collected in the morning, stored in a 2 ml-propylene tube. It’s important to know:

– Hepcidin has a circadian rhythm and its concentration fluctuates during the 24 hours of a day.Therefore, it is very important to collect the sample in the morning (7:00-9:00 am) in fasting patients.

– Hepcidin tends to aggregate and stick to the plastic of laboratory tubes. Therefore, please avoid using plastic tubes larger than 1 or 2 ml. Please use polypropylene tubes.

Sample must be sent FRESH or FROZEN IN DRY ICE. Please avoid freezing and thawing cycles. For each sample, please specify the type of sample (plasma/serum) and state (fresh/frozen) in the study request document.

  • Please contact by E-mail with to inform us about the sending of the samples (this way we will be aware for its correct reception) specifying in the subject of the email that SAMPLES FOR BIOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF HEPCIDIN are sent
  • Samples reception timetable:

Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 17.00h (please do not send samples on Friday).

  • Samples reception confirmation:

We will contact the doctor to inform him/her of the arrival of the samples at our facilities.

  • Results:

Once the study is completed, a report with the results obtained, as well as the invoice of the study carried out whose amount must be paid within 30 days after the end of the study, is sent by certified mail or encrypted E-mail.

  • Delivery address (please make sure the sentence in bold is written down on the package):

C/Verge de Guadalupe, 18
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
Tel. (+34) 636147238